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Maradona doesn't threaten to resign

October 9, 2009 2 comments

Diego Maradona has denied threatening to resign as Argentina coach, and says if anyone accuses him of threatening to resign, then he will resign.

After hinting to journalists that his tenure could be drawing to a conclusion, the cryptic coach whipped up a riddle more confusing than his persistent selection of Newcastle’s headless-chicken Jonas Gutierrez.

Maradona will never leave Argentina

Maradona will never leave

And with Argentina’s World Cup hopes hanging in the balance of Saturday’s match with Peru and a midweek trip to Uruguay, their qualification prospects are about as stable as Maradona’s mind.

Despite verging on an embarrassingly soul-destroying World Cup exit, the maverick manager has also defended his selection policy of picking the players who he is best friends with.

“Riquelme may be one of the most technically gifted players in the world, but he isn’t much fun in the casino,” Maradona’s interpreter mistranslated.

“And Javier Zanetti and Maxi Rodriguez are way past hanging with the cool kids.

“In my team, If you are going to receive a cap, you need to be able to carry off a cap,” Maradona probably blurted before threatening to resign again.

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