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Blatter: Ireland have to lose eventually

The FAI are furious their proposal for Ireland to become the 33rd team in the World Cup was rejected after FIFA president Sepp Blatter refused to accommodate Ireland’s re-entry to the competition every single time they were knocked out.

Blatter took Ireland’s proposal seriously

The Republic’s proposal suggested they should have special dispensation should they be eliminated by ‘clearly unfair naughty cheating,’ and automatically be replaced into the next round of the tournament.

But FIFA president Blatter selfishly shot down the idea, and ludicrously suggested that if Ireland want to play in the finals they should resort to beating their opposition.

“A 33rd team in the World Cup is a possibility, but I don’t think Ireland’s proposal is a feasible approach for football,” he may have said.

“Their suggestion means they could unbalance the number of teams in a knockout phase, or even become a fifth semi-finalist on the basis that an offside went against them.

“And their idea of playing a World Cup final with three teams is unimaginable.”

Blatter hears Ireland’s pain

When the FIA asked if video cameras could be implemented to stop Ireland being eliminated from future competitions, Blatter broke out in a sweat at the mention of technology and ran out of the room.

UEFA president Michel Platini stood in and when quizzed about Blatter’s comment about how re-entering the tournament after elimination was a possibility, he added: “it could be possible to accommodate an extra national team, but only in the correct circumstances… for example, if it was France.”

– – Dirty Shorts is a satirical football parody and contains no true facts whatsoever – –

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